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Our unique expertise in the automotive industry and relentless drive to engineer innovative solutions form the foundation for our success. We grow with our customers and focus on collaborating as partners.

Top engineers work together as an established team to continually meet the needs of today’s market. This is the only way to optimally develop common ideas and innovative solutions. Their relentless dedication is the foundation and proven recipe for success at Vdynamics. Because what drives us each day at Vdynamics is the joy of optimizing cutting-edge technology and creating crucial added value for our customers.

We live out our passion for cars on over 3000 m² of development space and offer enclosed, flexible, and modular project areas for each of our customers. With our test centers, we provide fully equipped workshop halls, prototype-appropriate underground garage parking spaces, and generous office spaces that, of course, meet the highest of safety standards.

Welcome to Vdynamics, a Formel D Group Company.

The Formel D Group is an association of companies from the automotive industry that provide services in a wide range of areas with the highest level of expertise. We work with cutting-edge technologies and the top engineers as a team to develop and shape automotive innovations. This allows the Formel D Group to cover all your demands and challenges, from product development to production all the way to aftersales. Vdynamics’ specialties include testing and validation, simulation, and virtual vehicle development.

Why You Should Choose Vdynamics as a Partner for Virtual Software Testing

Our young and dynamic team at Vdynamics is not only focused on independent, innovative collaborating. We also realize ambitious projects with flat hierarchies. From conceptualization, to prototypes, to production. Right in the thick of it. With the spotlight on the product.

Interdisciplinary teams made up of engineers, technicians, project managers, skilled professionals from the areas of electrical engineering and mechanics as well as software developers work with you to realize projects tailored to your specific requirements. We incorporate our know-how from numerous automotive projects into the development of your solution.

Services Offered by Vdynamics

Function Testing

First, we define specifications for your test based on your requirements and the existing systems. Next, we plan and coordinate semi or fully automatic testing using the driving maneuver catalogs we create with you in advance. We document, rate, and analyze the test results and finally provide the findings to you.

Requirements Management

Structured requirement management is part of our everyday routine and includes structuring and level definition of systems down to subsystems. We take a close look at the requirements, document them, and identify any that are unfeasible. This allows us to create the ideal foundation for subsequent tests and developments. Requirement management is implemented in accordance with ISO 26262.

Vehicle Testing

We offer you a full-service package in the area of vehicle testing. Besides preparation and initial start-up for your vehicles, we also configure and update the measurement equipment in addition to putting it into service. Of course, we also take care of resource planning and organizing the vehicle tests for you as well. Based on a driving maneuver catalog created specifically for you, we then test your vehicle in and outside the country. Thanks to our I-Pool approval, we are also able to offer testing at Nürburgring racetrack. We document all findings and provide them to you including a comprehensive analysis and evaluation. On request, we are happy to visualize the results in the form of an animation, working in collaboration with MobileNeXt.


Our strengths include both developing base applications and customization for individual derivatives. We support you in all construction phases as well as in serial production. Close-knit project management and regular reports are second nature to us.

Tool Development

Collaborating closely with MobileNeXt, we are capable of developing a test case generator for automated test evaluation. Automated test analyses allow us to optimize and streamline testing. In addition to coordination and monitoring, we are able to visualize test sequences and their results in the form of animations, allowing you to efficiently pass on the test results to your interfaces.

Our services also include creating scripts and realizing customized solutions.

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Test Bench Support/HIL

The use of artificial intelligence and big-data methods allow tremendously powerful solutions to be developed individually.

Consequently, product requirements and also the corresponding safeguarding strategy through to determination of the market specific legal requirements should also be calculated when coming up with the initial product idea.

Integral HIL Management is indispensable to improve the situation and boost efficiency potentials. This comprises the intelligent and interactive interplay of HIL landscape, integration planning, configuration management, test implementation  and the projects of the user vehicles (Full Scope HIL Management). And this not only applies to the initial product development but also the entire product life cycle (PLC) with all its technical requirements, implemented to improve the product. Vdynamics offers a Full-Scope-HIL-Management in order to ensure the quality of your products while viably ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Implementation of the test requirements

  • Development of XML driving maneuvers for simulation and stimulation

  • Execution of simulations on effect chain prototypes and in the control unit network

  • Execution of partially and fully automated test sequences

  • Control of test execution

  • Analysis, evaluation and documentation of test results

  • Development of control algorithms

Read More About Full Scope HIL-Management in Our Free White Paper.

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